Marval panel presses can couple and press two or three glass sheets through the action of two platens, one fixed at the back and the other – movable – at the front.
These are fully automated , PLC-controlled solutions with a convenient touch-screen panel from which the operator can control the entire process, view the diagnostics of each work cycle, and set the values of all machine functions quickly and easily.
The conveyor speed is adjustable via an inverter.

The machine features:
• automatic infeed frame with special reference bars for the precise placement of the butylated frame;
• “coupling unit” and press that can produce insulating glass of up to and over 80 mm thick, according to customer specifications;
• cleaning and maintenance made easy thanks to the front movable platen opening;
• frame or tilting table at outfeed.

Panel presses “made in Marval” are available in three versions, depending on the size of the insulating glass unit to be produced.

The “EASY PRESS” version can produce units measuring up to 2,750×2,000 or 2,750×2,500mm; the “TOP PRESS” version is the ideal solution for sizes up to 4.000×2,000, 4,000×2,500 and 4,000×2,800 mm. The “JUMBO PRESS” version can produce large insulating glass units (6,000×3,250 mm), with the option of making longer units (8,000 or 10,000 mm).

All versions can be equipped with the “GAS PRESS” injection bar featuring:

  • gas filling through a special atomisation system located at the bottom of the machine;
  • fast and efficient work cycle;
  • extremely high fill rate;
  • minimal gas leakage.

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"Brushless" motor modules

The machine’s structure consists of a series of modules, each of which is moved by brushless motors. This guarantees an even pressing force across the entire panel, allowing for perfect adhesion of the sealant and preventing gas leaks.

"Brushless" motor modules

“GAS PRESS” injection bar (optional)

The bar used to inject gas inside the panel is positioned in the lower part of the machine’s mobile panel. Divided into sectors automatically controlled by solenoid valves, it optimises the amount of gas used, so that it is proportional to the size of the panel and prevents unnecessary waste. This is all done without affecting the quality of the insulating glass.

“GAS PRESS” injection bar (optional)

Laminate support panels

Laminated wood panels guarantee a support surface for glass that remains flat and constant over time. This solution makes cleaning easier and avoids any glass microsplinters, which might scratch the following panels, from depositing.

Laminate support panels

Mobile part opening

The movement of the mobile part designed and made by Marval gives you a 500mm access compartment for the machine, thereby making maintenance and cleaning easier. This feature, combined with the use of laminate panels, means that daily cleaning can be carried out very quickly with a simple jet of air, without taking time away from production.

Mobile part opening
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