Building on the experience gained in over 35 years of business, Marval is once again on the market with a line of products dedicated to the creation of insulating glass.

The easy choice would have been to focus on low prices and mediocre products to once again quickly break into the market: instead, Marval decided to offer a high quality product at a fair price.

The engineering team has designed and manufactured sturdy structures, using stainless steel for all parts in contact with water, a choice that guarantees durability, solidity, continuity of production, and elimination of any risk of oxidation.

A good machine not only requires precise mechanical standards, but also high-performance electronics and, most importantly, efficient software. Marval has chosen to guarantee all-round quality, consolidating privileged relationships with the world’s best suppliers and partners, using products that always achieve the best results.

An industrial philosophy from which a range of solutions is created, aimed at a demanding clientele who not only look at the price, but also seek quality materials and performance consistency, knowing that they can always count on Marval’s support and service.

Buying a Marval machine or line means choosing a partnership that is destined to last.

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