Marval designs and manufactures complete lines for the production of insulating glass, in which different parts of the plant wash, couple and press the double or triple glazing unit in rapid succession.

Automatic line

For those looking for the highest performing solution, with high levels of productivity that can be tailored to each customer’s needs, Marval offers its own automatic line, where the operator only has to position the frame, which has already been butylated, on the glass at the beginning of the line. High productivity is ensured by adding the “ROBO SEAL” automatic sealing machine to the plant, which helps to exponentially speed up production cycles.

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Semi-automatic lines

Marval also offers semi-automatic lines that feature the same quality and efficacy as their bigger counterparts, but are configured for companies interested in small production volumes.

The main difference is the need to seal the insulating glass manually, hence the presence of a specialised operator.

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