Let’s get to know each other

People with extensive experience in the sector started working on the Marval project straight away. They allowed us to start overhauling our large catalogue of machines and technologies.

With the additional steps forward on the technical side and in terms of projects – supported by modern and agile production – Marval is now able to aim for a new positioning in Italy and abroad thanks to a new sales network in strategic countries.

Pasquale Brosio
Entrepreneur working in the mechanical technologies sector with highly successful corporate experience. as well As being one of the owners, Pasquale Brosio is involved in the operations side of Marval’s comeback. With his strong technical expertise, he is in charge of production and developing new products.

Giovanni Marzitelli
The new owners chose to retain a strong partnership with Marval’s founder to ensure continuity in terms of relationships with customers. Giovanni Marzitelli is still a strong reference point when it comes to the technical and sales side of the business thanks to his extensive knowledge of the sector and user requirements.

Stefano Mauri
A well-known entrepreneur in the surface finishing sector, he has decided to seize a new challenge, as well as being a company shareholder. He was asked to retain and broaden Marval's worldwide presence by setting up a new business network of expert technicians and consultants operating in all key markets.

Paolo Novati
After a long experience in the world of surface finishing machines and technologies, Paolo Novati joined Marval back in 2007. A collaboration that continues today and sees him working on the two fronts of production and purchasing.

Fabio Nozza
An engineer, he is in charge of organising production at the Villa Guardia site. Right from the start of Marval’s comeback, he has brought with him the values and certainties acquired in previous experiences in the mechanical sectors he worked in.

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