Marval was founded in 1985 in Mariano Comense (Como), in the heart of the Brianza industrial area, and over the years has grown from a mechanical workshop to a leading international benchmark in the insulating glass sector.

A success made possible by the determination and experience of the people who have worked there in just under forty years of its existence, all motivated by a clear desire: to make simple, reliable machines with excellent technology.

The project

A powerful project, which kicked off in May 2022 from the belief that glass – insulating glass and curtain walls – will play an even more significant role in an increasingly green public and private building sector, focusing on sustainability and fully recyclable materials from which solutions can be developed that effectively contribute to building environments with low energy requirements.

The Brosio and Mauri families’ decision to acquire and breathe new life into Marval began when they decided to put expertise and organisational and industrial capabilities into an internationally-renowned brand for the quality and technical content of the solutions it offers for the production of insulating glass, machines and systems that are extremely popular worldwide and that are now designed, manufactured and tested at the new premises in Villa Guardia (Como, Italy).

An industrial partnership

Today, Marval is in the midst of a new industrial project, a partnership between two leading companies in the instrumental mechanics industry that bring all their design and manufacturing experience to Marval, along with a commercial presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

G Technologies Group has been a key partner in the textile industry for over forty years with the BrosioMeccanica brand and in the graphics industry with Giardina Graphic.
Giardina Group has been a global leader in the finishing and coating field of all materials since 1972, and operates in the glass sector through the Giardina Group Glass Division.
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