Automatic desiccant filler “TOP DRY”

Using the “TOP DRY” desiccant filler enables the spacers to be filled automatically: the only operation required of the operator is to load and unload the profile.

The versatility of this machine makes it possible to process profiles of completely different materials, from aluminium to steel, including the so-called “warm edge” (Thermix, TX.N Pro, Swisspacer Ultimate, Tgi Spacer M, Tgi Spacer Precision, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Chromatech Ultra, Thermix Low Psi).

Simply pressing the machine’s start button starts the processing cycle, which entails drilling the holes in the profile, filling them with desiccant and sealing the holes with butyl.

The control panel on board the machine means that the “TOP DRY” is very small.

The use of appropriately sized drums, from which the machine automatically takes the desiccant, guarantees excellent autonomy.

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Butyl extruder “TOP JOINT”

The Marval butyl extruder is used to apply butyl (first barrier) on the double glazing spacer profile.

It seals profiles from 6 to 30 mm, simultaneously on both sides, with a high quality result.

The extrusion heads can be opened manually or, on request, completely automatically, and a simple adjustment is all it takes to seal even shaped frames.

The Marval butyl extruder features:

  • variable speed up to 32 metres per minute;
  • full operation on spacer profiles from 6 to 27/30 millimetres;
  • vice for butylating oversized profiles.

An automatic version is also available in which each function is managed and controlled by PLC.

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“SEALh” hot extruder

The “SEALh” hot extruder is the device that makes sealing insulating glass sheets extremely simple and effective. This device has a special cast-iron pump, a heated aluminium tank for the sealant, a volume controller, a heated pipe and a thermoplastic gun.

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“SEALc” cold extruder

The cold extruders designed and manufactured by Marval are the ideal solution for final manual sealing with polyphosphuric and silicone products.

“SEALc” cold extruders also feature:

  • hydraulic drive for the dosing pump and mixer;
  • electronic pressure control.

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Profile conveyor

A device to handle spacer frames, a storage unit structured to better organise the processing steps before the pressing line.

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Rotating table

The rotating table designed and manufactured by Marval allows the operator to process the glass sheets comfortably and efficiently.

Equipped with a speed adjustment system and suction cups that ensure effective glass clamping, Marval’s rotating table allows even small insulating glass sheets to be processed.

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