Marval: una nuova linea completa

New line ready to go for Marval, the Villa Guardia-based company specializing in insulating glass solutions. “A new line destined for an important Italian customer,” explained Fabio Nozza, head of Marval’s technical department.
The line consists of a “Top Wash 2800” washing machine and a “Top Press 2800” press.

“TOP WASH 2800”
TOP WASH” series vertical washing machines, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, are the perfect compromise between reliability and durability over time. These are highly efficient solutions thanks to their particularly robust structure, which is crucial in guaranteeing the necessary speed and efficiency to wash sheets ranging from 3 to 50 mm thick, operation is by six powerful brushes with a 180 mm diameter.

“TOP PRESS 2800”
Marval panel presses can couple and press two or three glass sheets through the action of two platens, one fixed at the back and the other – movable – at the front. These are fully automated , PLC-controlled solutions with a convenient touch-screen panel from which the operator can control the entire process, view the diagnostics of each work cycle, and set the values of all machine functions quickly and easily.
The conveyor speed is adjustable via an inverter. The “TOP PRESS” version is the ideal solution for sizes up to 4.000×2,000, 4,000×2,500 and 4,000×2,800 mm.

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